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Monday, 17 December 2012

My Story

Hahax, I feel very funny about myself. Im very sure that I have the ability to become a movie maker (with my very own life experiences). Life always has it's ups and downs huh ?? But why mine is full of tragedy ?? Hey, I hope you come across my blog someday and read this. You made my world go upside down ! *Zinggg*. But I pretended and kept that to myself as I don't want to get into any complications again. I liked the way you motivate people. You made me feel that I'm special ! I was so delighted ! But I expected that all this would happen and it did ! But why you chose that specific day to tell me that ?? You should have told me earlier or later na ? You simply said like that and went off without knowing my situation. I was terribly in fever that time. I cried and cried ! But I know that there's no use of crying over split milk. Every night I couldn't sleep thinking of you. A dime a dozen ?? No no ! You're certainly not ! I like everything.... Your simplicity, kindness, humbleness, politeness & most importantly I like you because the respect you have for girls. Maybe you didn't realise that you have all these positive qualities but within 5 unforgettable months that I have mingled with you, I noted everything. And all I could say is you're perfect in each and every aspect. I know you'll think that I'm writing all this simply to impress you. I'm not a drama queen and I don't create scenes. I've told you this earlier. Hope you still have that in mind. I slowly tried to adapt myself being your friend again but I failed. That's why I texted you... and I really felt bad coz I distracted your mind. And your final msg which was delivered on 17th of December, that was too good till I couldn't reply you. Hahax, thanks for stopping me from texting you. Finally, this is all what I wanted to say. I don't want any telephone conversations or messages, but I wanna meet you, hold your hands and look into your eyes and tell that I'll be back after a few years, maybe 3 years, 4 years or till you complete your studies. I'll repeat whatever that I have said before to make to realise that im not like others, too.


  1. Eherm? Jay Ilan? Hi tachi! Miss u tau~~~ ^^

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  3. nk malukan sy lar nie kn ? hehe, takdelar, bkn2. Miss you jgk ! nex sem nk sama group ngan Kam :)