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Saturday, 21 April 2012

✦❉ ❥❦❧❃ ❂❁❀✄☪ ☣☢☠☭♈
Oh YO people ! Let me introduce myself....
I'm Thachiyaini. 
Age: 19 officially on 16th May.
Hometown: The Great Perak.
Want to know about me ??
Maybe, I'm not pretty, not cute, & not adorable... But I have a cute little heart which was given by god & can appreciate good things and people in this world !

Now, about my favorites...

What I like ?? Hurrm, it's hard to answer this question actually. But the 1st thing that comes to my mind is none other than my favourite hero(Tamil) !!
STR(Silambarasan Tesingu Rajenthar) 

He's cool, stylish, talented, cute, handsome, romantic, and charming...
For your information, he is an actor, director, playback singer, lyricist, and a great dancer. Oh my gosh, he is so talented. That's why he have many fans all around the world.

~He has acted in almost 30 films (including 13 films as a child artist & 3 films for guest appearance)
~He has written script for 2 movies, namely, Manmadhan & Vallavan.
~Currently, his Love Anthem has grabbed peoples' attention.
~Some sources state that he is busy filming movies such as Vettai Mannan, Poda Podi, Vada Chennai & Vaalu.




Don't make assumption by just looking at my appearance ! I do eat a lot but I'm choosy. Come closer and take a look at my favorite dishes.





These are only some of my favorite food.. Actually, there's a lot more !

I would like to share about my class- Emily Dickinson

 Each and everyone of them have different characters but all of them have one SIMILARITY....
-All of them are good-hearted people.

This picture was taken with my former deskmates back in 2011... Nisha, me, Ah Tay, Nesa, N.G.O

Chinese New Year 2012 in KIC

 Busy painting a poster... This is called co-operation...
Me with Yuyui- the huge laughter, Ida- the love, Nab-the cute face maker & Acap-the 'all is well' leader.
Competing with other classes....

At last, we managed to get 2nd place in Chinese New Year competition. Wow, what an unforgettable day !

Was that LOVE ???


Few years back, I was hit by something. Hey, wait ! I didn't met an accident ! It's something unusual.... That's why I call it as a 'spark'. A spark which I thought LOVE. Okay, you don't understand anything, right ? Let me tell you in detail.

When I first met him, nothing was in my mind. I was very normal. Few days later, I inquired him about my long lost friend. I thought both of them were studying in the same school but unfortunately he doesn't know anything about him. Haha ! Here is the beginning ! It all started here ! Since that day, he kept on looking at me. Oh my gosh, his eyes were very powerful (At that time. Not now !). Even though, I know that he is noticing me, I'll act as though I don't know anything. Then, I met him once at temple. He was quite shocked with my presence. I smiled at him but he didn't respond. That was really humiliating, isn't it ? The next day, I asked him, " Hey, that day I smiled and you didn't smile back at me ?! You're so mean !" And he replied, " No, sorry, I didn't notice that". Since that day, both of us became friends. We used to talk a lot and share our opinions. Then, strange things started to happen to me. Sleeping disorder (Insomnia), lack of appetite in food, and poor concentration in studies. So, one fine day, I wrote a letter, telling my feelings towards him. He replied... And after reading his answer, I was totally upset because I misinterpreted his answer. I thought he's not interested in me. Few days later, my friend read the letter and  explained the content to me. Ahh, now I understand..... He has the same feelings ! But both of us planned not to couple up. Hahaha ! But things went uncontrollably.. Oitzz, don't get into wrong meaning !! I meant both of us have coupled up. But this relationship didn't last long. It's all because of me. I started to feel that it's not good to get into a relationship at very young age. Plus, he didn't possess a good character. I kept on telling him indirectly but he refused to listen. He started to threaten me. Many problems arises and both of us started quarreling. At last, I decided to split away from him. Our relationship lasts for only one year. 



I think I took a wise decision by splitting up because age is an important factor when considering love.... I don't want to regret my whole life by choosing a wrong person at a very wrong age !