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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hey, I'm not a perfectionist ! But I will consider some factors when determining my future GUY FRIEND. Hehem, I don't want to call him as a boyfriend ! It sounds immatured ! Guy friend or lover sounds better. Don't you think so ? I'm sure all of you would have a dream boy or girl in your imagination. It's something usual...  So, what I wanted to do is to introduce him to you. I sculptured him in my heart. Today, I'm going to publicize him.... Hey, please do not criticize him because you have no rights to do so ! I sculptured him according to my taste and this is just an imagination !

❈❈❈❈❈❈ I have certain rules and regulations ❈❈❈❈❈❈

Let's start from top...
Rule number 1  


Cool & interesting hairstyle
[I don't mind whether it's straight or curly but I hate men with long or punk style hair. I also hate looking at men with oily scalp !]

Rule number 2


Thick eye brows and big/wide eyes
[This might sound crazy. But the truth is I always fall for guys with thick eye brows. I find them attractive. But I don't really care about the eye colour. Sometimes, attractive eyes are seducing (hehehe). They will kill us with their looks....]

Rule number 3

Sharp & cute nose
[I love looking at people with sharp nose. Unfortunately, I don't have that specialty. So, I want my future guy to have it. At least, I can adore him.....]

Rule number 4


Small lips & charming smile
[This is an important feature !! He (my future darling) should have small lips. Hmmm..... He must mantain his smile all the time. Cute, isn't it ?]

Rule number 5

Soft, transparent mustache & beard
[I want him to grow soft and transparent mustache and beard, which means too thick. It's hard to explain in words. You can view the picture above.... OR look at my favourite artist, STR. I just love that style..]

These 5 rules are just the features, he should possess these too....

Stylish in the sense of dressing. Guys just look awesome when they wear any attire in black or white. 

-Dancing skills
He MUST dance well. I really love dancing and I love & respect the people who can dance well. In the future, I want to dance with him gracefully... (What's on your mind ? I'm romantic ?? haha, thanks !)

-Brave, flexible & hardworking
Of course all girls want their boyfriend to be courageous. Me too ! He must be bold in any situation and should give encouragements to me. He should trust me in any circumstances and be flexible.

I want him to understand my feelings, give me a warm hug whenever I'm upset, hold my hands to give me courage and advice me if I'm wrong. He shouldn't be a secretive person. I want him to talk everything from his heart. 



  1. Fuyoh!!! He sounds AMAZING!!! Good luck finding him babez!! Make sure i get introduced k!!! ^.^

  2. Sure, sure.... Maybe in 5 years time ??