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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

     ~We are meant for each other~

This idea just came across my mind last year.... And I'm excited about it ! Okay, now allow me to share it to you.

I prefer something romantic & maybe that's the reason why I chose for a wedding on a cruise. I've been dreaming to go for a trip on a cruise for such a long time. But I'm still waiting for someone special to bring me..... Eeerr... Oopssy ! that's too early, I guess ?? 

             Departure: Penang Island   Departure: Singapore
My wedding ceremony will be held for about 4 to 5 hours, which includes rituals and dinner for the guests. The cruise will fetch the bride, bridegroom & guests from Penang at 4pm. From Penang, the cruise will travel to Singapore. (I don't have any ideas on how long it takes to reach there). On the way, we'll conduct the ceremony, starting from 'nallungu'. 

I'll dress up like this :

My macho husband will dress up like this :

Next, the thaali tying ceremony :

Later, the wedding dinner will be held. And there's special attire for this occasion too. Next, we'll dance together and rock the floor !!!
 So, what's next ???

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